Innovate to improve your most dynamic systems and processes with intelligent controls

Shape the future

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Unlock more possibilities with next-generation intelligent control systems

Manufacturing and energy organizations are exploring ways to build intelligent control systems to help solve industry-defining problems. From wind turbine optimization to continuous machine calibration, these next-generation control systems can help engineers spur transformative innovation to produce significant improvements in throughput, efficiency, and quality.

Apply your subject-matter expertise to accelerate development

The Microsoft Project Bonsai solution uses machine teaching and reinforcement learning, enabling engineers to apply their subject matter expertise to break a problem down into easier tasks and give machine learning models important clues about how to find a solution faster. Engineers can accelerate the development of intelligent control systems to meet their unique requirements – without the need for data science skills.

Deploy and manage the solution on your terms

Engineers can confidently deploy and manage solutions they can explain, audit, and trust in the manner that best suits their operational needs – on the cloud, at the edge, or on a device.

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